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Glossary of Printing & Computer Graphics Terminology
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Back up
To print the reverse side of a printed sheet

To secure and fasten sheets or pages into books or booklets

The process by which pages are secured together with the use of wire, thread, glue, staples, etc

The department in a printing company which performs finishing operations on a printed product such as cutting, trimming, collating, stitching, folding, etc

Rows and columns of dots or pixels that form an image making up a graphic image

Bitmap Images
Computerized image represented by a dots or pixels; also known as raster images

The thick rubber pad applied to a cylinder of an offset printing press that receives and transfers ink from the plate onto paper

Printing that extend beyond the edge of a page

Blind embossing
A technique in which a raised impression is created on paper without ink or foil

Bond paper
Strong lightweight paper commonly used for letters and business forms

Margin or outline around an image or a paper’s edge

The degree of light reflecting from a sheet of paper that affects contrast in printing

The thickness of paper in relation to its weight

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