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Glossary of Printing & Computer Graphics Terminology
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Measurement of paper thickness expressed in thousandths of an inch

Camera-ready copy
Artwork that has all elements ready for printing

Cast coated
A type of coated paper pressure dried producing a hard gloss finish

Colour transparency

Coated paper
Paper with a thin surface coating applied to give a smooth finish

To arrange pages or sheets in a specific order before binding

Colour Balance
The correct ratio of cyan, magenta, and yellow ink to produce the desired colour

Colour bar
Rows of colour patches printed in the trim area used by printers to check colour accuracy and density

Colour correction
Altering colour qualities such as colour balance, contrast, etc to improve colour tones

Colour filter
Filters used in colour separation

Colour key
A printer’s proof made from negative overlays which when combined simulates process printing inks

Colour matching system

Colour separations
The 4 colour negatives made when a continuous tone image is converted and filtered into the 4 process colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, black)

Colour Sequence
The order in which the four-colour process inks are printed on the press

A light sensitive device used for measuring colour values in a way similar to the human eye

Comb bind
A method of binding by sliding over a plastic comb through holes punched along the side of the pages

Composite film
Combination of images from one or more negatives or films

Computer-to-Plate (CTP)
A technology that enables a plate to be directly imaged from the computer instead of using the conventional film plate to expose the image to the plate

Continuous-tone copy
Illustrations and photographs that have a range of black, white, and gray tones

The range of difference between the darkest and lightest areas of an image

Any material - text or artwork- to be used in printing a piece

Cover stock
A heavyweight paper used for its durability; preferred stock for postcards, covers, posters, folders and business cards

In saddle-stitched binding, a creep refers to the inside sheets that stick out further than the pages that encloses it.

To trim one side or sides an image

Crop marks
Lines at the margin of a sheet that indicate where the page will be trimmed

An image that spans two facing pages, crossing over the binding

Drying inks or coatings after printing to develop strong adhesion



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