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Glossary of Printing & Computer Graphics Terminology
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Page count
Total number of pages in a book or publication

Pantone Matching Systems (PMS)
A registered name for a colourmatching system used by printers and graphic designers to compare and identify ink colours

Perfect Bind
Binding method where pages are held together by grinding down the book’s binding edge and coating it with glue and then attaching it to a cover with adhesive

Perfecting press
A printing press that prints both sides of a sheet at the same time

A series of cuts or holes on a sheet to make tearing easy

A unit of measure used in the graphic and print industry; 1 pica = 1/6 of an inch

A flat sheet of metal that holds the image reproduced during printing

A page description language developed by Adobe Systems used for printing documents on laser printers and other output devices

Press Layout
A drawing that shows how a printing job must be done with a specific press and sheet size; also known as Ruleup

Pressure-sensitive paper
Paper material with three layers – the liner, adhesive and facestock; the adhesive on the facestock lets it stick to a surface when the liner is removed and pressure is applied

Process colours
Process of producing colour images with a full range of colours by combining 4 basic colours -: Cyan (blue), magenta (process red), yellow (process yellow), black (process black)

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